Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Calistus Asahel Bruer (1885-1949)

  Today's profile centers on a very new discovery, Mr. Calistus Asahel Bruer, a member of the Illinois General Assembly from Livingston County who served nearly thirty years in his elected office! Although details on his life are quite hard to come by, it is known that Bruer was born in Oswego Township, in the county of Livingston, Illinois in 1885. As a young man, he graduated from Lake Forest University and in the coming years involved himself in local politics, serving as town clerk and supervisor of Oswego Township.
  Bruer made his living as a farmer and stock raiser for the majority of his life, and in 1922 was elected to the first of many terms in the Illinois State House of Representatives. Bruer served a total of 12 terms in the state house (1922-1949) and died in office in October 1949 at age 64.

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