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Chovine Clegg Richardson (1857-1931)

From Georgia's Public Men of 1902-1904.

   A multi-term state representative from Georgia, Chovine Clegg Richardson also distinguished himself as an attorney and merchant in his native county of Houston. A descendant of a family long prominent in South Carolina politics, Chovine C. Richardson was born in the town of Sumter, South Carolina on November 16, 1857, the son of Charles Hyatt (1830-1886) and Margaret Richardson (1836-1918). 
   Little information exists on Richardson's early years, or how he managed to receive the unusual name"Chovine Clegg", but is it is known that he began attending Mercer University in Macon, Georgia in 1873. Richardson left this institution after a short period due to health concerns and he later enrolled at the University of Georgia, graduating in the class of 1880 with a Bachelor of Philosophy degree.
   Shortly after his graduation, Richardson began pursuing a career in law, eventually entering a law office in the village of Perry, Georgia. After being admitted to the bar, Richardson relocated to the city of Macon where he opened a law practice. His stay here lasted until the mid-1880s, whereafter he removed to Byron, Georgia,  where he resided for the rest of his life. In July 1885 Richardson married in Byron to Ms. Alice Culpepper (1867-1928), with whom he had five children: Katherine Guignard (1887-1974), Margaret (1889-1907), Chovine Jr. (1891-1954), Susie (1892-1985) and Marion (birthdate unknown).
   In addition to his law practice, Richardson is listed by the 1904 work Georgia's Public Men as being involved in the "general merchandise business" as well as farming. The earlier mentioned work denotes that he was "one of the leading business and professional men  of his county, and, like many of the sons of old South Carolina who have found homes in this State, he has won success."
    Chovine C. Richardson made the jump into state politics in 1900 when he won election to the Georgia House of Representatives from Houston County. He was continually reelected to house until 1906, and during his terms held a seat on the committees on Corporations, Education, Enrollment, Immigration, Labor and Labor Statistics, Pensions, and the Special Judiciary.
   Richardson returned to practicing law after leaving the legislature, but this was short-lived. He was later returned to the Georgia statehouse in November 1916 and served two terms, 1917-1921. The remainder of Richardson's life following his service remains a mystery, but it is known that he died at a private hospital in Macon, Georgia on January 31, 1931, at age 73. His wife Alice had predeceased him by three years and both were interred at the Byron City Cemetery in Peach County, Georgia. Three of Richardson's children (Katherine, Margaret and Chovine Jr.) are also buried here.

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  1. This is my great grandfather for whom I'm named (Chovine Gardner Gordon). I'll try and find some more photos.