Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Ludovicus French Wild (1825-1889)

Portrait from the Massachusetts State Library Archives.

   An outstandingly named resident of Norfolk County, Massachusetts, Ludovicus French Wild was the son of local boot maker Ludovicus Wild (1802-1884) and his wife Mehitable French (1803-1859), being born in the village of Randolph on August 1, 1825. Little could be found on Wild's early life, but notice is given as to his following in his father's footsteps, becoming a boot manufacturer. Wild married on October 4, 1849 in Braintree, Massachusetts to Charlotte Ellen Thayer (1830-1920), who later bore her husband three children, Marietta H. (birth date unknown), Lizzie Ellen (birth date unknown) and Henry Weston (1852-1894).
  Wild's life in the years following his marriage is sketchy at best, with little being known on what he was up to during this time. He was elected as collector of taxes for Randolph in 1872,  and in that same year he served as Randolph's representative to the Massachusetts General Court and during his one term in this body held a seat on the house committee on the Pay Roll. He was later excused from this committee by an act of the legislature, and New Bedford Representative Ellis Perry was appointed in his place.
  Little else is known on the life of Ludovicus French Wild. He is recorded as dying in Randolph sometime in 1889 when he would have been around 64 years of age. His wife Charlotte survived her husband by over three decades, dying in 1920 at age 90. Both were interred at the Union Cemetery in Holbrook, Norfolk County, Massachusetts. The rare portrait of Wild shown above was featured in an 1872 Massachusetts General Court legislative portrait album, currently located in the archives of the Massachusetts State Library in Boston.

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