Monday, October 7, 2013

Pomp Fowler Brinkley (1869-1941)

From "Historic Smyrna: An Illustrated History" published in 2010.

  An oddly named Mayor of the city of Smyrna, Georgia, Pomp Fowler Brinkley is one of the most obscure figures I've stumbled across in quite some time, and when it came time to compile a small article on the life and accomplishments of this oddly named Georgian obscurity once again prevailed! Virtually nothing could be found on the life of Mr. Brinkley, excepting an all too short write-up in William P. Marchione's Brief History of Smyrna, Georgia, which was published earlier this year. 
  From the scant amount of information available detailing his life, Pomp F. Brinkley was a resident of the Peach State for a good majority of his life, being born on November 23, 1869. He married in Cobb County on December 20, 1894 to Ms. Georgia Rilla Stanley (1876-1972) to whom he was married for over forty years. The couple were also the parents of three children, Pauline (1898-1975), Jessie Lee (birthdate unknown) and Julius Eugene (1911-1955). 
  Although few sources mention him at any great length, it is known that Brinkley was employed as a railroad conductor for many years and in 1899 was elected as the vice-president of Georgia's Brotherhood of American Trainmen. Attentive to political affairs in Smyrna, Brinkley won election to the city council in 1926 and served here until 1930. In the following year, he took office as Mayor of Smyrna, holding this post for one term (1931-1933).
  Following his term as mayor, Brinkley is recorded as donating a portion of land to the city that was eventually named "Brinkley Park" in his honor. In addition to this, Brinkley had previously served as a past master of the Nelms Lodge No. 323 of Free and Accepted Masons in Smyrna. He died on March 3, 1941 at age 71 and was laid to rest at the Mountain View Park Cemetery in Marietta, Georgia. Brinkley's wife Georgia survived him by over thirty years, dying in February 1972 at age 95, and was interred at the same cemetery as her husband.

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