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Eckford Gustavus Pendleton (1861-1939)

Portrait from the Norwich Bulletin, January 2, 1915.

  Two term Connecticut state representative Eckford Gustavus Pendleton was a lifelong resident of the town of Preston (located in New London County), being born in that town on April 26, 1861. The seventh and last child of Solomon Story (a former state representative) and Marcia Averill Starkweather Pendleton, Eckford G. Pendleton spent the majority of his 78 years as a farmer in his native town, being acknowledged as "one of the pioneer potato raisers of Preston Plains". Pendleton also grew grapes on his property and is mentioned in the Norwich Bulletin as having raised Jersey cattle. 
   Eckford G. Pendelton married in Preston on June 20, 1889 to Charity A. Norman (1867-1956) and later had four children: Martha Alice (born 1893-1970), Mildred Norman (born 1894), Jessica Elise (born 1896) and Marjorie (died in infancy in 1911). 
   Prior to his service in the state legislature, Pendleton had served as a third selectman for Preston in 1913 and in the following year was second selectman. In November 1914 he was elected to the Connecticut State Assembly, winning a total of 126 votes. Taking his seat at the start of the 1915-16 session, Pendleton sat on the house committees on Rules; New Counties and County Seats; and Legislative Expenses.
   In November 1920 Pendleton won a second term in the state assembly (garnering a total of 242 votes on election day), and during the 1921-22 session served on the following House committees: Capitol Furniture and Grounds; Cities and Boroughs; and the School Fund. Little is known of Pendleton's life following the conclusion of his second term. It is known that he continued farming at his home in Preston and died there on July 17, 1939. He was survived by his wife Charity, who, following her death in 1956, was interred in the Pendleton family plot at the Preston City Cemetery.

Pendleton's obituary from "The Day", July 18, 1939.

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