Friday, August 26, 2016

Octer Ludwig Beck (1899-1957)

Portrait from the Legislative Manual of Minnesota, 1953. 

   A one-term member of the Minnesota House of Representatives from the county of Kanabec, Octer Ludwig Beck was born in Renville County, Minnesota on December 8, 1899. The son of Gustaf and Maria (Larson) Beck, Octer L. Beck received a public school education and was later a resident of Mora, Minnesota, where he worked as an auctioneer and farmer. He married Lillian Lindstrom (1900-1944) sometime in the 1920s and later had at least three children, those being Wayne, Robert and Margaret.
   In November 1950 Octer L. Beck was elected to the Minnesota House of Representatives from that state's 55th legislative district. His one term saw him serve on the following house committees: Banking, Game and Fish, Highways, Markets and Marketing, Motor Vehicles and Municipal Affairs. Beck was defeated for reelection in November 1952, losing out to Axel A. Anderson, who garnered 6,535 votes to Beck's 5,217.
   Little is known of Octer L. Beck's life following his legislative defeat in 1952. He died on May 17, 1957 in Kanabec County and both he and his wife were interred at the Oakwood Cemetery in Mora, Minnesota. 

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