Monday, November 28, 2016

Oda Alson Mallow (1887-1970), Oda Oliver Franklin (1896-1950)

From the Official Manual of the State of Missouri, 1941-42.

   Our stay in Missouri continues with another oddly named state representative, Oda Alson Mallow of Maries County. Mallow was a lifelong Missourian, being born in Gasconade County on August 16, 1887, the son of Enoch and Malinda Stump Mallow. He would attend schools local to Gasconade County and in 1915 married to Lucy Caroline Davis (1889-1960), with whom he had five children: Vada (died 2006), Alson, Carla, Geraldine, and Verl.
   The majority of Oda Mallow's life was spent as a farmer in Maries County, and several sources mentioning him denote his work as a "minister of the Church of Christ" in the city of Belle. Elected to represent Maries County in the Missouri statehouse in 1940, Mallow is remarked as having been the "first Republican representative from Maries County" in its history. 
  Mallow served one term in the house (the 1941-43 session) and was a member of the committees on Eleemosynary Institutions, Penal Institutions, Municipal Corporations, Roads and Highways, Social Security and Old Age Assistance, and the State University. Widowed in 1960, Mallow himself died at age 83 on October 10, 1970 and was interred alongside his wife at the Liberty Cemetery in Belle, Missouri

Portrait from the Texas Bar Journal, Volume 13, Issue 7, 1950.

   An attorney based in Wilbarger County, Texas, Oda Oliver Franklin had fleeting political involvement in the late 1920s when he was elected as County Attorney for Wilbarger County, serving for one term. Born on October 8, 1896 in Childress, Texas, Oda O. Franklin was the son of James Mills and Amanda Franklin. Besides attending schools local to the state of his birth Franklin would also study at the Valparaiso University and the University of Colorado.
  In 1917 Franklin put his studies on hold to serve in the First World War, enlisting in the 77th Balloon Company. He continued to serve with that unit until his discharge in 1919, and afterward returned to the United States to resume his law studies. Franklin worked as a court reporter for a time and after being admitted to the Texas bar in 1926 established his law practice in the city of Vernon. Just a few months after being admitted to practice Franklin announced his candidacy for County Attorney of Wilbarger County and was elected that November.
  Franklin would serve one two year term as County Attorney and for the remainder of his life alternated between private practice and work as a court reporter. Oda O. Franklin died on February 23, 1950 due to accidental drowning at Lake Narsworthy in San Angelo, Texas. Having gone to the lake on a fishing trip, Franklin disappeared and was later found to have drowned, his body being recovered eight days following the accident. He was survived by his wife Susan, whom he had wed in 1921.

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