Sunday, February 19, 2017

Tigner Emmett Thrasher (1908-1980)

                                                       Tigner E. Thrasher, from the 1931 Emory College yearbook.

    A Turner County, Georgia based businessman and a one-term member of the Georgia House of Representatives, Tigner Emmett Thrasher was born in Ashburn, Georgia on August 31, 1908, being the son of Clarence Emmett (1875-1936) and Grace Elizabeth (Harwell) Thrasher (1876-1942). A student in the public schools of Ashburn, Thrasher would enroll at the Emory University in the late 1920s and was active on campus, being a member of that school's baseball, basketball and football teams as well as the Glee Club. Thrasher would also excel academically, earning his B.B.A. degree in 1931 and was president of the college's Junior Business Administration Class.
   Following his graduation, Thrasher entered the business life of his community when he became a partner in the firm of Thrasher and Thrasher, a firm dealing in the sale of building materials and cotton gin implements. He would marry in Georgia in October 1937 to Evelyn Thaxton (1913-2001), with whom he had one daughter, Sarah Evelyn (1942-2015).
   In 1934 Tigner Thrasher entered political life when he was elected to represent Turner County in the Georgia State Assembly. He would serve during the 1935-36 session and during his term was a prominent figure in the Lions Club in Georgia, attending that organization's annual convention in Gainesville in 1935.
  Other than a brief write-up on his life published in the Georgia State Register during his term, little else could be found on Tigner E. Thrasher, excepting mention of his death in Macon, Georgia on March 5, 1980. He was survived by his wife Evelyn, who, following her death in 2001, was interred alongside her husband at the Oak Grove Cemetery in McRae, Telfair County, Georgia.

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