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Anfin Nelson Kindem (1889-1968)

 Portrait from the 1942North Dakota Bluebook. 

 Sporting a name that sounds like it should belong to a pharmaceutical company, Anfin Kindem is another oddly named North Dakota legislator found via a recent search through a series of North Dakota Blue Books, and previous to his one term in state government had served as county assessor for Benson County. Kindem is also another example of an unusually named Norwegian who ran for public office in the United States, with his birth occurring in Voss, Norway, a city that was also home to Jetlee Bryngelson Nordhem and Odd Eide, profiled here in years past.
  The son of Nels and Marjo Kindem, Anfin Nelson Kindem was born on September 15, 1889. In 1905 he left his native country for a new life in the United States and first settled in Sheyenne, North Dakota. Five years later he married to Mattie Olson (1888-1956), and the couple's four-decade marriage saw the births of six children, Isaac (1911-1998), Mervin (1913-1974), Ethel (1914-2001), Lloyd (1918-1959), Gloria (1920-1966) and Gordon (1922-1972). 
  Following his marriage, Kindem and his wife removed to Dagmar, Montana, where they would raise their family and reside until 1921. In that year they removed back to Sheyenne and in the succeeding years, Kindem's name grew to be a prominent one in the Benson County business community, as he held the vice presidency of the Equity Elevator Co-op of Sheyenne for sixteen years and was director of the Farmer's Union Oil Co. of Oberon and Benson County.
  Prior to his service in the legislature, Kindem occupied the post of Benson County assessor (eventually holding that post for over thirty years) and in 1940 was elected to the North Dakota House of Representatives as one of two legislators from Benson County. His one term (1941-43) saw him sit on the committees on Livestock, Tax and Tax Laws, and the joint committee on Rules, and following his service was elected as a county commissioner for Benson County.
  Widowed in 1956, Kindem would also survive his son Lloyd and daughter Gloria, who died in 1959 and 1966, respectively. His final years were spent at the Lutheran Home in New Rockford, North Dakota, and on September 15, 1968, his 79th birthday, Kindem died at a hospital in that city. He was later interred alongside his wife at the Grandfield Lutheran Cemetery in Sheyenne.

A Kindem campaign notice, courtesy of Find-A-Grave.

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