Monday, July 23, 2018

Sophus Vernon Trom (1901-1987)

Portrait from the 1961 North Dakota Blue Book.

  We continue our stay in North Dakota for a look at the life of another obscure state representative, Sophus Vernon Trom of Casselton. A mayor of that city in addition to his service in state government, Trom was a lifelong resident of North Dakota, being born in Kindred on June 26, 1901, the son of Olaf Knutson and Olava (Johnson) Trom. He attended public schools, as well as the North Dakota State School of Science, and in September 1923 wed Martha Geneva Stenberg (1904-1990). The couple's six-decade long marriage saw the births of four children, Omer (1927-1980) Joanne (1930-2008), Paul (1936-2011) and Sonja (born 1942).
   Following his settlement in Casselton, Trom would serve as chief of the city's fire department and in the early 1950s was elected as the mayor of that city, holding office until at least 1956. Trom was later elected as Casselton city auditor in the late 1950s, continuing in that capacity well into the 1970s. First elected to the North Dakota House of Representatives in November 1958, Trom served two terms (1959-63) and in his last year in office was selected as president of the Municipal Finance Officers Association of America and Canada for a one year term.
  Little information exists on Trom's life after 1964, excepting notice of his continued service as Casselton city auditor and his being a Republican presidential elector for North Dakota in 1976. Sophus V. Trom died in Cass County, North Dakota on December 1, 1987, at age 86. He was survived by his wife and children and was subsequently interred at the Casselton Cemetery.

Trom during his time as Casselton mayor.

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