Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A thank you to all of you SNIAPH Blog readers!!!!

 This portrait of Liberty E. Fellows (1834-1912) was posted on the TSNIAPH Facebook page earlier today!

   Today's blog profile isn't exactly a "profile" but more of a big "thank you" to the people who have sent messages, information and commented thus far on some of the people posted here. Since this blog was first started in July of last year the amount of views its received is quite overwhelming, and its truly amazing that complete strangers have left messages of appreciation and thanks on some of the pages here!
  I also must note that many of these kind comments have come from relatives of some of the long dead individuals profiled here. I've really been taken aback by the amount of descendants/genealogists who've stumbled across an oddly named relative that's profiled here and then chose to leave a comment thanking me for my work......all of the comments left thus far have really made my day and I hope to receive many more in the months and years to come. And who knows? Maybe one day an oddly named political relative of yours will appear here!!

 And now for some individual thanks to some of the people who've sent me information/pictures/comments. I believe in giving credit where credit is due and this is certainly the case here!

Thank you to Frank Jones and thank you to Hildy for the picture and new information on Auxencico Maria Pena Venezuela Hildreth Dickeson......without you two he'd still be one of the most obscure people posted here on the blog. With your help/aid, Oxie's article has turned into the single most viewed profile on the entire site!!! I also want to thank Salem County Historical Society Librarian Beverly Bradway for her help in locating Oxie's gravesite as well as sending me a small notice on his death from an 1879 edition of the Salem Sunbeam!

Thank you to Diane who commented on Eleazer Green's article. Green served as Mayor of my hometown of Jamestown and its amazing that a descendant of his managed to find his profile here on the blog!

Thank you to the anonymous great grand-daughter of Cherubusco Newton. Again its truly amazing that a relative of his stumbled across his blog profile!

Thank you to Deedee and Billy who left a kind note on Vitruvius Jackson Kennedy's page. In regards to your comments I hope you've find out whether or not your great-great grandfather was named in honor of the man profiled here.

Thank you to Joel for your comments and the information you sent in regards to what your father has compiled on Godolphin Finney Burslem

Thank you to Vivian for your help in regards to Sivilion Chapman. Vivian also sent me a photograph of Chapman's gravesite in Waterford, Connecticut which I greatly appreciate!!

Thank you to Stephanie for your Facebook comment on Trueworthy Ladd Fowler. I'd be interested in knowing if your great grandfather and the man posted here are in fact the same individual!

And thank you to Kitty who sent me the portrait of Liberty Eaton Fellows that adorns the top of this article. Kitty left a message on the SNIAPH Facebook page earlier today in regards to this obscure Iowa representative/judge and graciously sent me the above picture. Thank you again!

And in a May 9, 2012 update......a thousand thanks to Jim Geyer, Mitch Taylor and the rest of the staff at the Pioneer and Historical Society of Muskingum County! These fine folks went above and beyond in aiding me in finding more information on obscure Zanesville, Ohio Mayor Epaminondas L. Grigsby. These wonderful people were even able to provide me with a portrait of this infinitely obscure man to include on the blog here. Thank you all again!

And in another update (May 27th, 2012 to be precise).....I must give a big thank you to Crawford County, Indiana historian Roberta Toby for her diligent efforts in finding more information on Crawford County legislator Carthalious J. Tucker (1876-1957). Mrs. Toby also had a great deal of help and input from Tucker's granddaughter, Marie Tucker England, who kindly provided a number of her family photos to include in Tucker's profile. Rebecca Stetter (Crawford County Librarian) also was a big help, locating three obituaries of Tucker which were then e-mailed to me by Mrs. Toby. Crawford County resident Clarence Kaiser also gave Mrs. Toby some much needed info on Mr. Tucker's farm and status as a a cattle raiser in the Crawford County community!

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