Saturday, May 12, 2012

Du Brutz Cutlar Moore (1895-1965)

   Following the lengthy write-up on  May 8th centering on Zanesville, Ohio Mayor Epaminondas L. Grigsby, we journey south to North Carolina for today's profile. The wonderfully named Du Brutz Cutlar Moore (shown above) served five terms in the North Carolina State Senate and also distinguished himself in a variety of business endeavors in his home county of Robeson, North Carolina. No source mentioning this interestingly named man gives note as to how (or why) he received "Du Brutz" as a first name!
  Du Brutz Cutlar Moore was born on August 6, 1895, in Pender County, North Carolina, being the son of John Bailey and Serena Lee Moore. Moore attended the University of North Carolina in 1913-1914 and later was stationed in Europe during the First World War as a private. He married in 1922 to Ms. Ruth Robeson Norment, and three children were eventually born to this couple:  Du Brutz Jr. (1923-2003), Ruth Moore Morgan (died 2004) and Mary Moore Warner.
   At the conclusion of his service in WWI, Moore established an insurance company in Lumberton, North Carolina, operating it for many years. During the 1930s he became active in local politics and in 1937 was named as the Chairman of the Alcohol Control Board of North Carolina. Moore served as chairman of this board until 1941, and also during this time served as a member of the State Democratic Committee.
   In addition to his insurance business, Moore's 1965 obituary in The Robesonian newspaper also mentions his involvement in local real estate development, and he was active in that role until his election to the North Carolina State Senate in 1951. Moore represented Robeson County in the Senate for five terms, and in 1958 left the Senate to take on the position of State Highway Commissioner. His time in that post would be brief, serving in that capacity for just one year until being returned to the state senate. 
   While still attentive to state political affairs, Moore was also an active civic leader in Robeson County, being a deacon in the First Presbyterian Church and also was a member of the American Legion, Masons and the Benevolent Protective Order of Elks. Moore is also listed in his obituary as being the president of the Carolinas Broadcasting Company.
   Du Brutz Cutlar Moore died at age 69 on March 27, 1965, in Lumberton, North Carolina, and at the time of his death was serving as U.S. Collector of Customs at Wilmington. He was subsequently buried at the Meadowbrook Cemetery, located in Lumberton. The portrait of Moore shown at the beginning of his profile here was discovered via a 1953 North Carolina State Manual, which (in earlier editions) has also yielded pictures of State Representatives Fleetus L. Gobble and Ippie P. Graham, who were both profiled a few weeks ago!

        This portrait was found in Du Brutz Moore's obituary in the March 1965 Robesonian newspaper.


  1. Du Brutz Cutlar was Confederate States Receiver under the Act of Sequestration. He was also a founding member of the Southern Rights Party on N.C.

  2. Du Brutz Cutlar Moore is my biological grandfather, thanks to DNA testing. My biological grandmother was Gladys Hewlett, she died in 1920 when Du Brutz Cutlar Moore was in service. I wish I knew the whole story.