Sunday, June 3, 2012

Servetus Love Crockett (1886-1969)

   Today's profile takes us to Tate County, Mississippi and obscure state representative Servetus Love Crockett. Little could be found online in regards to the life of this exceptionally named individual, with the exception being a brief write up on him in the 1917 edition of the Official and Statistical Register of the State of Mississippi. This useful book yielded the portrait of Crockett shown above and the facts contained herein were found in this work.
   Servetus Love Crockett was born near Tyro, Mississippi on September 2, 1886, the son of Powhatan Perkins Crockett and his wife Annie Louise Babb. Servetus is listed as a direct descendant of famed Texan and Congressman Davy Crockett (1786-1836) and as a youth attended schools local to the Tate County area.
  In December 1914 Crockett married Ms. Floy Emma Liles and in the following year graduated from the Millsaps College with a Bachelor of Laws degree. During his tenure at Millsaps College, Crockett is listed as winning four medals in oratory and after graduating engaged in farming pursuits instead of pursuing a career in law.
   In November 1915, the citizens of Tate County elected the 29-year-old Crockett to a seat in the Mississippi State House of Representatives. He would serve here until 1920 and during his service held a seat on the following committees: Judiciary, Mississippi Levees, Penitentiary, Public Buildings and Grounds, Banks and Banking, and Drainage. Mississippi's Official and Statistical Register gives note that despite his youth, Crockett "evinced statesmanlike abilities" during his four-year tenure in the House.
   Little could be found on Crockett after the conclusion of his legislative service. His wife Floy died in March 1942 at age 53 and Servetus himself died on November 30, 1969 at age 83. No sources mention any children born to Crockett and his wife, and both were buried in the Mount Vernon Cemetery in Tate County.

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