Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Strangest Names In American Political History Visits Ohio....

At the mausoleum of Liberty Emery Holden at Lake View Cemetery in Cleveland.

  Yesterday was an extremely busy day, as I was able to visit and photograph a number of strangely named politicians buried in the Northeastern portion of Ohio, traveling to cemeteries in Conneaut, Ashtabula, Jefferson, Mentor and Cleveland. Amongst these cemeteries of varying size were buried many prominent political players who left their own individual mark on Buckeye State politics, and are listed as follows:

  • Sagito Jay Smith (1834-1902): A former Mayor of Conneaut (1875-1877, 1890-1894), and delegate to the 1892 Republican National Convention. Buried in the City Cemetery in Conneaut.
  • Orramel Hinckley Fitch (1803-1882): A former Mayor of Ashtabula (1837) and member of the Ohio State Senate from 1837-39. Buried Chestnut Street Cemetery in Ashtabula.
  • Decius Spear Wade (1835-1905): Member of the Ohio State Senate from 1869-71 and later Chief Justice of the Montana State Supreme Court from 1871-1887. Buried in the Oakdale Cemetery in Jefferson.
  • Turhand Grenville Hart (1842-1924): Member of the Ohio State House of Representatives from Lake County, 1893-1897, and member of the Ohio State Board of Equalization. Buried Mentor Municipal Cemetery in Mentor.
  • Lycurgus Luther Marshall (1888-1958): U.S. Representative from Ohio from 1939-1941. Buried Lake View Cemetery in Cleveland.
  • Rensselaer Russel Herrick (1826-1899): Mayor of Cleveland from 1879-1882. Buried Lake View Cemetery in Cleveland.
  • Quintus Flaminius Atkins (1782-1859): Judge of the Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas (1849-1856) and Auditor of Cuyahoga County, 1819-1822.
  • Liberty Emery Holden (1833-1913): Delegate to the Democratic National Convention from Ohio, 1888 and 1896. Buried in Lake View Cemetery in Cleveland
  • Worthy Stevens Streator (1816-1902): Member of the Ohio State Senate from 1870-1872 and Republican Presidential Elector in 1876; namesake of Streator, Illinois. Buried Lake View Cemetery in Cleveland.
  All of the above-mentioned persons will have articles posted online at some point in the future, with pictures from the varying cemeteries accompanying their articles. The trip was completed in fairly quick time and a big thank you goes to SNIAPH Facebook friend Ken Liedy for driving and assisting me in the search for all of these gravestones.....two sets of eyes are always better than one!

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