Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Anaximander Warner (1784-1843)

                              Warner's name as it appeared in the "Officers of Washington County, Ohio."

   This obscure individual is Anaximander (also spelled Anaxamander) Warner, an early citizen of Washington County, Ohio. He was born in Ashfield, Massachusetts on November 3, 1784, being the son of Thomas and Huldah Lazell Warner. The main reason Warner is included here on the site is his service as an Associate Justice on the Washington County Court of Common Pleas. His tenure on that court lasted for six years (1824-1830) and is in all likelihood the only public office he held. 
  Warner married in 1810 in Marietta, Ohio to Lucretia Porter and the couple would later become parents to an impressive number of offspring, 16 children in all!! They are listed as follows: Sara Porter (born 1811), Arthur Wellesley (1813-1887), Jackson (born 1815), Putnam Porter (born 1816), Ebenezer (1818-1911), Thomas White (1819-1849), John Mayberry (1821), Lucretia (born 1822), Mary Zipporah (1826-1919), Robert Raikes (1829-1830), Olivia C. (born 1831), Clarina Elizabeth (1832-1898), Dudley Woodbridge (born 1834), Daniel Woodbridge (born 1834),  Lucretia M. (born 1836) and Lyman Beecher Warner (1838-1918).
   Little else is known about Anaximander Warner, other than his judgeship and his service as a Masonic Grand Master in Marietta, Ohio. It is known that Warner died May 31, 1843 in Washington County at the age of 59, a burial location for him being unknown at this time.


  1. I am a descendant of Anaximander via Myrtle Warner Gibson and pleased to hear that those folks had 16 children. Makes me feel like a piker with only four. But they were good ones. check out my

  2. Looks just 7 lived longer than one year.