Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Outerbridge Horsey (1777-1842), Outerbridge Horsey VI (1910-1983)

   Today's brief profile highlights the life of one Outerbridge Horsey, a U.S. Senator from Delaware. As you can see, no picture of him could be found to place within this article, and in all actuality, one will probably not be found (at least not in the foreseeable future!) For over a decade I have tried to locate a painting/picture of this obscure man, and despite by best efforts at scouring the internet and various history books related to Maryland history, I've come up empty on all fronts. 
   Outerbridge Horsey was born in Laurel, Delaware on March 5, 1777 and married to Ms. Elizabeth Digges Lee (1783-1862), with whom he had two sons, Thomas Sim Lee (1816-1834) and Outerbridge (1819-1902). Mr. Horsey won election to the Delaware State House of Representatives in 1801(serving a two-year term) and in 1806 he was elected as the Attorney General of Delaware, subsequently serving four years in that capacity. While still the incumbent in that office, Horsey won election to the U.S. Senate to fill a vacancy caused by the death of Samuel White (1770-1809). 
  During his senate service, Horsey served on the Committee of Safety and used this position to help fortify his home state during the War of 1812. His senate service concluded in 1821 and he was succeeded by Caesar Augustus Rodney (1772-1824). Following the conclusion of his term in the senate Horsey was named as a trustee of the College of Wilmington. He died at his wife's estate on June 9, 1842 at age 65 and was later buried at the St. John's Cemetery in Frederick, Maryland. In an interesting side note, there have been several other men named Outerbridge in the Horsey family, all descendants of the man profiled here. One of them is the following man, Outerbridge Horsey VI (1910-1983).

  This Outerbridge Horsey was a diplomat, and served in a variety of overseas posts during his life, including First Secretary Consul at Rome from 1947 to 1955 and later Minister and Counselor at Tokyo from 1956-1958. In 1963 he was named as U.S. Ambassador to Czechoslovakia by President Johnson and served until 1966. Outerbridge Horsey VI died at age 71 on August 18, 1983 and was buried in Saint Mary's Cemetery in Petersville, Maryland, the same cemetery as his senatorial relative.

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  1. Outerbridge is one of the most widespread last names in Bermuda. They've been there since 1629. There's a saying, "Bermuda is a series of islands connected by Outerbridges." Chances are the first Outerbridge Horsey had Bermudian roots.