Thursday, July 21, 2011

Memorable Walker Creagh (1817-1872)

                             Creagh's name on a roster of Alabama State Representatives.

   Today we profile an infinitely obscure Alabama state representative with the unusual name of Memorable Walker Creagh. As you may have guessed, no picture of Memorable Creagh could be found for this article, and the information contained herein mainly comes from the only available biography on him (a small column in the History of Alabama and dictionary of Alabama biography, Volume 3.)
  Creagh was born in South Carolina on July 4, 1817 and relocated to Alabama with his family in 1826. As a young man he earned a degree in law in his native South Carolina. Later, Creagh earned a degree to practice medicine from a school in Philadelphia, but the book mentioned above states that he "never practiced either profession."
  Creagh inherited a large plantation from his father and soon became a prosperous slave owner, while also beginning to dabble in politics. In 1849 he was elected to the Alabama state House of Representatives from Marengo county, and was later reelected in 1853. It is mentioned that Creagh was a "old line Whig" until that party's dissolution in the 1850s, and later switched political allegiance to the Democratic party. On May 21, 1872, at age fifty-seven, Creagh died at his home in Demopolis, Alabama. 

                                                                 You Can Help!
  I am currently trying to find more information (as well as a picture) of Memorable W. Creagh. If any readers, lurkers or amateur historians have any time on their hands, and want an interesting project to fill your time with, see what you can find in terms of information on this man. I'd appreciate anything you might be able to dig up on this uniquely named Representative.

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