Thursday, December 15, 2011

Austerlitz L. Riveire (ca. 1821 - 1860)

  One of the main problems compiling and categorizing some of these oddly named politicians is the occasional lack of information on them. Today's short article is a perfect example of that. The man being profiled (Austerlitz L. Riveire) has absolutely nil when it comes to finding pertinent facts on his life and career.
 What is known is that I discovered Riveire on a historical roster of members of the Florida State House of Representatives and that he was elected from Jackson County and served in the legislative sessions of 1854 and 1855. A further search on Riveire yielded the fact that he died sometime in September 1860 at age 39, leaving behind one son, Leonidas. 
  One might also ponder the uniqueness of Riveire's first name. I can make an assumption that his obvious French ancestry might have had something to do with him being (presumably) named after the famous Battle of Austerlitz, fought between Napoleon's troops and a coalition of Russian and Austrian soldiers. 

You Can Help!

I am currently seeking more information (as well as a possible picture) of Austerlitz Riveire. If any readers/lurkers/amateur historians want an interesting project to fill their time with, see what facts you can dig up on this uniquely named Florida representative! It is also known that there are two different ways of spelling Austerlitz's last name, "Riveire" and "Riviere".


  1. I was searching for the historical City of Austerlitz that is now present day Parker, Florida when I stumbled across this. I've been having a similarly difficult time in finding any information about the Martin House in the Parker/Springfield area.

    I wonder if the name has any connection?

  2. check out this website;


    1. Another alternate spelling: Revere.