Friday, January 6, 2012

An update....Auxencico Maria Pena Venezuela Hildreth Dickeson (1842-1879)

 Since I discovered Auxencico "Oxie" Dickinson in 2009 in a New Jersey State Legislative Manual, I have wracked my brain trying to find out more information on his life, as well as a photograph of him. Dickeson was profiled here on the "SNIAPH" blog back in July 2011 and in one of my "You Can Help" sections pleaded for any prospective readers/historians to do some digging on Oxie and report back with their findings.
 On November 22, 2011, an incredibly helpful reader named Frank left a message stating that more information had come to light on Oxie and in a later message stated that a photograph of him adorned the wall of the Woodstown Masonic Lodge #138 in Woodstown, New Jersey.
 On January 5, 2011, Frank sent me the portrait of Oxie that now adorns the top of the article you are now reading. This picture of him will be also be added to his previous blog page from July of last year. In addition to this picture, Frank also sent me some previously unknown information on Oxie, including his Masonic lodge affiliations, his stint on the baseball team at Princeton University (his alma mater) and a reunion Oxie had with his old college fraternity.
 I cannot state how helpful Frank has been in researching this infinitely obscure man, and it is incredibly nice to know that there are historically minded people out there like Frank who manage to do some digging and really help out a total stranger with a very odd history-based project. 
 And in a humorous aside note..... I'm fairly certain that Oxie is probably grateful for all the attention he's receiving over 130 years after his untimely death!

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