Thursday, March 22, 2012

And who says that detective work doesn't pay off!!

  I am extremely excited to report that an astounding discovery has been made in regards to an oddly named politician named Zael Ward. Mr Ward's name was discovered by me in a book centering on Chautauqua County history a number of years ago (as he was a township supervisor of Harmony, New York from 1835-36) and since putting him on the list all those years ago I'd completely forgotten about him!
  Earlier tonight I was doing some research on a Michigan representative named Worthy Lovell Churchill when I stumbled across a Google book link called St. Clair County, Michigan, a History and its People. In this book (published in 1912) was a large roster of men who had represented St. Clair County in the Michigan State House of Representatives from 1835 to the time of the books publishing. As I scanned the list looking for goofy names one of them immediately jumped out at me....Zael Ward.
  I told myself "that sounds mighty familiar" and after some thorough Google searching found that it was indeed the same man who had resided in Chautauqua County years before!!!! Even more good news was in store for me when I found another book (written by David Ward, Zael's nephew) stating that his Uncle Zael resided in Michigan for many years and then returned to Chautauqua County, NY where he died shortly after arriving. 
  Needless to say my jaw dropped to the floor. I immediately thought "he has to be buried in the county somewhere!" and after a half hour or so of tedious searching discovered a genealogical website that lists a "Zale/Zael Ward" that died in Blockville, New York on July 20, 1864 and was buried in the Blockville Union Burying Ground!!!! Quite needless to say but....prepare for a fantastic blog article within the next few well as gravesite pictures!!!!!
  Just think.....we here in Chautauqua County have had an oddly named Michigan State Representative/ship builder/captain buried in Blockville for the past 147 years!!!!! Wonder how many people knew that!!!

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