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Archalene Mitchell Doke Henrickson (1850-1908)

 From the 1903 Legislative and State Manual of Indiana.

   Sporting a lengthy unusual name, Archalene Mitchell Doke Henrickson had fleeting involvement in Hoosier state politics, being a representative in the Indiana State legislature for one term in the early 1900s. A native of Tennessee, Henrickson was born in the town of Springfield on December 8, 1850, a son of physician Archalene Mitchell Doke and Margaret Jamison Henrickson. Archalene and his family are recorded by the 1903 Indiana Legislative Manual as removing from Tennessee to Kentucky when he was a child and he would go on to attend the Union University at Murfreesboro, Tennessee and later was a graduate of the Nashville Medical College in the class of 1872.
   Following in his father's footsteps as a physician, Henrickson later removed to Indiana, eventually settling in the county of Perry. He married in 1875 to Mollie Stephenson (1847-1915) and later fathered four children. Henrickson continued to reside in the town of Magnet in Perry County throughout the remainder of his life, and in November 1902 was elected to the Indiana State House of Representatives. Representing the counties of Crawford and Perry during his service, Henrickson served one term in the house (1903-1905) and held a seat on the committees on State Medicine, Health and Vital Statistics, Congressional Apportionment and the State Soldiers, Sailors and Orphan's Home.
  Unfortunately, very little could be found in regards to Archalene M.D. Henrickson's life after 1903, and he died five years after leaving the legislature on December 31, 1908, shortly after his fifty-eighth birthday. A burial location for both Henrickson and his wife is unknown at this time.

From the 1903 Indiana Legislature composite portrait.

                                                                  You Can Help!
   It's time for one of my famous "You Can Help" segments, and in the case of Archalene M.D. Henrickson, it is sorely needed!  This is a shout out to anyone who may have further information on Mr. Henrickson, so if any readers, amateur historians or possible descendants have any time on their hands and want an interesting project to fill your time with, see what you can locate in terms of information on this oddly named man! I'd appreciate anything you might be able to dig up on this uniquely named Indiana legislator. As there is next to nothing on the internet about this interestingly named man, hopefully, someone out there can add their input in addition to what's been written above!

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