Sunday, May 25, 2014

Leonorian Neidlinger (1865-1932)

                                                               Portrait courtesy of "Effingham County".

   Sporting a rather space-age sounding name like "Leonorian Neidlinger" may seem to indicate a science fiction movie character, but you'll be surprised to know that this name actually belongs to a member of the Georgia State Senate who was born nearly 150 years ago! A lifelong native of Effingham County Georgia, Leonorian Neidlinger was the son of Edward Samuel Shadrack and Francis Melissa Neidlinger, being born in Effingham on April 4, 1865. Leonorian married in Effingham County on April 10, 1892 to Ansanetta "Annie" Shearouse (1875-1957) and later became the father to six children: Langdon M. (1893-1965), Laurie M. (1895-1949), Preston Flanders (1896-1953), Marion H., Leonorian Jr. (1906-1986) and Ellis L. 
   Very little exists online in terms of information of Neidlinger's early life or education, and despite being shrouded in obscurity it is known that Neidlinger was for many years a prominent man in Effingham County, serving as county treasurer for a time and was later elected as clerk to the Board of Commissioners of Effingham County. In November 1918 Neidlinger was elected to represent his home county in the Georgia State Senate, serving one term which extended from 1919-1921. 
  Leonorian Neidlinger died six years after his senate term on May 24, 1932 at age 67, and was described as "having been in failing health for some time." He was survived by his wife Annie and was interred at the Springfield City Cemetery in Effingham County. 

                                                                From the May 24, 1932 Thomasville Times.

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