Monday, November 9, 2015

Clitus Bourdeaux Walker (1877-1960)

Portrait from the Official and Statistical Record of Mississippi, 1912-1914.

   A lifelong resident of Lauderdale County, Mississippi, Clitus Bourdeaux Walker represented that county in his state's legislature for one term in the mid-1910s. The son of former state representative Richard Parish Walker and Harriet Eliza Bourdeaux, Clitus B. Walker was born in Lauderdale County on December 22, 1877. He would receive his unusual first and middle names in honor of his uncle Clitus O. Bourdeaux (1852-1950), the brother of Harriett Eliza. 
  Walker attended school in the county of his birth, being a student at the Causeyville High School. He later studied at the Meridian Male College and from 1903 to 1905 was a public school teacher. Walker is later mentioned as being a farmer and merchant in the Meridian area and in 1911 was elected to the Mississippi State House of Representatives. His term in the legislature extended from 1912-1914 and during that session served on the following house committees: Appropriations, Roads, Ferries and Bridges, Public Lands, and Immigration and Labor. 
  Little information could be located on Clitus B. Walker's life following his time in state government. He appears to have been a lifelong bachelor (as he is listed as being unmarried in his Mississippi state register biography) and died on June 22, 1960 in Lauderdale County, Mississippi. The 83-year-old former legislator was later interred at the Lauderdale Cemetery in that county, the same resting place as that of his mother.

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