Monday, January 21, 2019

Raz Myatt Ferguson (1910-1990)

   The dapper-looking man featured above is Raz Myatt Ferguson, one of the youngest men elected to the Arkansas House of Representatives in the 1940 election year. Just thirty years old at the time of his election, Ferguson would win a second term in 1942. The son of former Searcy County judge Zebulon Vance Ferguson (1879-1962) and the former Mannie Lee Myatt (1880-1985), who lived to age 105, Raz Myatt Ferguson was born in Searcy County, Arkansas on August 26, 1910. The origins behind the name "Raz" remain unknown at this time, and his middle name extends from it being his mother's maiden name.
  A student in the public schools of Marshall, Arkansas, Raz Ferguson would later enroll at the El Dorado Junior College and in September 1934 married Anita Katherine Robinson (1915-1990). The couple later had two children, Elizabeth Lee and Richard Myatt (1943-2015).  A farmer and merchant based in Marshall for a good majority of his life, Raz Myatt Ferguson was elected to the Arkansas House of Representatives in 1940 and during the 1941-43 session was named to the committees on Confederate Soldiers and Widows, Corporations, County and Probate Courts, Elections, and Roads and Highways. 
  In 1942 Ferguson won a second term in the statehouse for a term that extended from 1943-45. Nothing is known of his life after this point, except notice of his death at age 80 on October 25, 1990, in Marshall. His wife Anita survived her husband by just two months, and following her death in December 1990 was interred alongside him at the East Lawn Cemetery in Marshall.

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